Favourites Pictures - 20030827-Nackarpsdalen

This is the beautiful lake Odensjön (Odin's Lake) in the national part Söderåsen in Skåne, Sweden. It is a small lake (150m across) and it is surrounded by precipices of 30 m high, which form a sort of colosium. The lake is surrounded by myths as well. The lake is named after the Viking god Odin (also known as Wotan or Woden) who is the father of all gods. He sacrificed his eye for a drink of Mimirs well, a sacred well full of knowledge, prophecy and poetry. The lake should be alike Odin's eye.

Other tales tell that the two giants Blink and Börta fled there to escape the sounds of the church bells. Some people talk about the lake being bottomless and connected to the crypt of the Cathedral in Lund, though in reality it is 19m deep, which is still pretty much, considering the size of the lake.